Using our staff and gateway of communications networks, along with a superior staff of customer service oriented service staff, our company will allow your company to jump into all the benefits of having your own Professional back office and customer response system.  Working without the headaches of design, implantation, and employee management.   

We are a subcontractor of your company. 

That means no payroll taxes to manage.  No FICA, Social Security, Job Benefits or even termination problems.   Our pricing includes all of those in to one simple fee, sometimes less than minimum wage in your state.

The Yes I Can attitude of our staff, puts your firm in the forefront to getting your office work done, more business, new clients, and happier customers

More Services to benefit your company

A full range of services 

Customer Service Training from face to face store or field sales to in office staff.

Complete back offfice call center services

Employee training for service and sales calls.  

Back Office clerical services. From answering emails, order entry, accounting to payroll and tax form preparation.

Data Entry.  Let our hands get your time consuming jobs done.

Web site design and hosting.

No labels.  Just getting down to the job at hand.